At Velocity Property Group, we are passionate about driving the evolution of residential design and construction for our markets, and being at the leading edge of the communities we live, work and play in.

Below we share resources and information about a range of topics associated with our projects and the process of buying them.

What are the steps to buying a brand new property in Queensland?

Every state in Australia has different rules and regulations around buying property. 

To help you with steps to purchase brand new, completed properties in Queensland, we share this quick, step by step guide with you.

Download it below. 

What are the best tips for selling your home? Especially if you are resizing or downsizing? 

Selling your home is a big step. There are many elements to consider to facilitate a successful home sale. 

To help you with tips and recommendations for selling your home, we share this quick, informative guide with you.

Download it below. 

How do you declutter? Especially a home that you have lived in for many years? 

The thought of decluttering a large or freehold home to move into a town home or apartment can be daunting. What do you take? Does your furniture suit a modern build? Will your treasured pieces work in your new home? 

To help you declutter, we share this comprehensive guide with you.

Download it below. 


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