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24/09/2021 Removal from Official List
24/09/2021 Removal from the Official List
23/09/2021 Results of Meeting & Delisting
25/08/2021 Appendix 4G including Corporate Governance Statement
24/08/2021 Proposed Acquisition of dealt Platform and 2021 AGM
24/08/2021 Notice of 2021 Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
24/08/2021 FY21 Results Announcement
24/08/2021 2021 Annual Report to Shareholders
24/08/2021 Appendix 4E
24/08/2021 Appendix 4G
20/08/2021 Proposed Acquisition of Digital Software Solutions Pty Ltd
18/08/2021 Request for removal from the Official List
02/08/2021 Change of Company Address
02/08/2021 Board Changes
07/05/2021 Capital Raising Update
26/03/2021 Lodgement of Replacement Prospectus & PDS
19/03/2021 360 Capital and Dealt Group launch $93.4m Capital Raise
19/03/2021 Dealt lodges Prospectus and PDS to raise $93.4m
19/03/2021 Prospectus and Product Disclosure Statement to Raise $93.4m
09/03/2021 Change of Company Name
18/02/2021 TGP: VP7 Shareholders approve 360 Capital Proposal
17/02/2021 Results of Extraordinary General Meeting
16/02/2021 Retirement of Responsible Entity Non Executive Director
03/02/2021 Amendment to Timetable
25/01/2021 2021 Half Year Financial Results Announcement
25/01/2021 Appendix 4D & Half Year Accounts
23/12/2020 Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form
23/12/2020 Recommendation to Shareholders to Proceed with Proposal
16/12/2020 Settlement of Two27 Palm Beach Development Site
11/12/2020 Change of Share Registry Provider
19/11/2020 Sale of Burleigh Heads Development Site
13/11/2020 Letter to Shareholders
04/11/2020 Initial Director's Interest Notice - Peter Lewis
02/11/2020 Appointment of Independent Non-Executive Chairman
26/10/2020 Results of Meeting
26/10/2020 Managing Director’s Presentation
26/10/2020 Chairman's Address to Shareholders
19/10/2020 Change of Company Address
18/09/2020 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
04/09/2020 Suspension from Official Quotation
03/09/2020  Trading Halt
03/09/2020  Pause in Trading
28/08/2020  Notice of Annual General Meeting
25/08/2020  FY20 Results Announcement
25/08/2020  Appendix 4G
25/08/2020  FY20 Annual Report to shareholders
25/08/2020  Appendix 4E
29/07/2020  Sale of Two27 Palm Beach Site
13/07/2020  Final Director's Interest Notice - Mr Ansell Correction
13/07/2020  Final Director's Interest Notice
09/07/2020  Retirement of Managing Director
06/03/2020  Appendix 3Z - Final Director’s Interest Notice -  Leatham
06/03/2020  Appendix 3Z - Final Director’s Interest Notice - Pearson
06/03/2020  Board and Governance Changes
06/03/2020  Change of Director's Interest Notice
06/03/.2020  Results of General Meeting
02/03/2020  Consolidation/Split VP7
26/02/2020  2020 Half Year Financial Results Announcement
26/02/2020  Appendix 4D & Half-year 2020 Accounts
07/02/2020  Proposed issue of Securities - VP7
05/02/2020  Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting / Proxy Form
04/02/2020  Two27 Development Syndicate following Capital Lite Development Model
28/01/2020  Velocity Sets Palm Beach Sales Record 
17/01/2020  Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder
Change in Substantial Holding
Appendix 3Y Change of Director's Interest Notice
Becoming a Substantial Holder from TOT
Initial Director Interest Notice - James Storey
Initial Director Interest Notice - Tony Pitt
Appendix 2A
Issue of Placement Cleansing Notice
Proposed Issue of Securities - VP7
360 Capital Entities to Take 19.99% Equity Stake
Trading Halt
Result of General Meeting
Managing Director's Presentation
Chairman’s Address to Shareholders
Shareholder Presentations
2019 Annual Report to Shareholders
Notice of 2019 General Meeting / Proxy Form
Velocity Property Group Annual General Meeting 2019
Appendix 4G
2019 Financial Report
Appendix 4E
Details of Company Address Correction
Change of Brisbane Company Address
Velocity Acquires Burleigh Headlands Site
Appendix 3Y - Change of Director’s Interest Notice
Half Yearly Report & Accounts
Appendix 3B - Release of Securities from ESCROW
Profit Guidance - Market Update HY19
Release of Restricted Securities from Escrow
AMENDED - Change of Director's Interest Notice
Change of Director's Interest Notice

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