February 22, 2016

Dene Tucker, guest auctioneer at Mater Little Miracles Ball

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Velocity Property’s Dene Tucker, Director of Marketing & Sales for Velocity Project Marketing, was the special guest auctioneer at the Mater Little Miracles Ball on Saturday 13 February.


Dene is an award-winning auctioneer and his amazing skills raised $70,500 from just 10 items to help the vital work that the Mater Foundation does.

Dene has been proud to support this great charity for many years, with his son having spent some time at the Mater as a small child. Velocity Property also supported the Mater Young Adult Health Centre through their sponsorship of the Bulimba Festival’s Lunch on the Lawn event last year, for which the centre was the Festival Charity Partner. Velocity Property is thrilled to support the fundraising efforts of the Mater Foundation.

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